What is VUCA World and how is it adapted to the global crisis? 2020

VUCA World คืออะไร

What is VUCA World

and how is it adapted to the global crisis? 2020

What is VUCA World and how is it adapted to the global crisis? 2020

From various situations That happened all over the world Since the change of technology Consumer behavior The replacement of the disruption of the international trade war business model And coming to the situation of the virus now Causing impacts on each other continuously Significantly Until we don’t know when it will end And cannot predict future events This kind of situation is called “VOOKA” VUCA or VUCA World, which involves the decision-makers. Or most corporate leaders To be ready to deal with various situations According to each model This can be divided into 4 situations, each of which has a variable (Factors / Drivers), Effects (Effects) and different solutions to problems …

📌 Volatility is a situation with high volatility.
For example, in the stock market, the change in currency.
Which causes the volatility Most often it is caused by changes in external factors. (Environment), which is a factor that we cannot control (it is obviously uncontrollable external factors), in addition, time factors are involved Because it has changed dramatically in a short time So we call it volatility, but vice versa. Even if there is a change But takes a long time We wouldn’t call volatility (maybe it’s a current or a trend instead).

The impact of volatility is the risk of instability. Disbelief Or change without rules

The way out of events with fluctuations is Vision (adjust the perspective).
By being open to many perspectives Or looking for a new perspective Because of the high volatility The point of view to look at is to look at the mean. Or find the trend of that situation and change the mindset into a holistic view.

📌 Uncertainty is a situation where there is no high certainty.
Examples of uncertain situations such as corporate / company adjustments. The replacement of modern business Or future career Political standpoint
The main problem of the situation is uncertain. Or do not dare to make a decision is that we do not have information (I emphasize, no data) because when there is no information. We will not predict correctly. Because there is no information To be used for analysis Thus making it unsure Therefore resulting in an uncertain situation It is also supplemented by other external factors. That is hidden and anticipated with new additions Will cause high instability

The impact of uncertainty is stagnation, slowdown, shutdown and both crises and opportunities.

Therefore, the way out of the uncertain event is Understanding. (Need to understand the situation)
But we will understand And able to know the situation We will need information first. And must be factual and updated to reflect the current situation. To be used to analyze and correct the problem of uncertainty in a timely manner

📌 Complexity is a situation that is highly complex.
An example of a complex situation is the structure of an economic financial system, where the main problem of a highly complex situation is the presence of multiple variables. Linked And affect each other Significantly (to emphasize the multivariate In addition, each variable has different degrees of influence. Therefore, the situation is highly complex. Often occurs with large system structures

And the impact of a very complex situation is that it is difficult to fix. It took a long time to resolve the problem. And some variables may have a domino effect, which if one of the variables falls will affect the other variable. (Which, if there is a severe crisis May fall over the whole system)

The approach to solving complex problems is Clearity (create clarity).
By organizing information systems Level the correlation of the variables. Cut out unnecessary information first. Including having to restructure the system So that we can see a clear overview And easier handling

But I must say that in solving a complex situation Sometimes we have to pay Or omit some variables To clear the bigger problems

📌 Ambiguity is a situation with high ambiguity.
An example of an ambiguous situation, such as being more than a friend, but not a girlfriend (so what?).
Or how much is the current situation with Covid-19 virus? And what precautions should we take?> Simply put, the situation is not clear. It was so vague.

The factor causing the ambiguity is similar to the uncertainty.
– The first is data or reality. When we don’t have any real information Used to make decisions The ambiguity arises.
– The second is the interpretation or interpretation, some of which we say already has information. But still vague Because it depends Interpretation or interpretation How is that information?

Such as people traveling from abroad If the temperature has been measured I did not have a fever, it was concluded that I was not infected with this Covid-19 virus. Are you misinterpreted? Or, for example, the number of patients in our country with tens and hundreds (* if that’s true numbers), staying in level 2 would be appropriate. (According to the standard)

Most of the time, we misinterpret the use of feelings (emotional) rather than reason (the actual information shown), resulting in uncertainty. And making the situation even more ambiguous

Therefore, the solution to an ambiguous situation is Agility (smart, agile).
By bringing information The facts are used to make decisions. With speed But must be through intelligent thinking Including the dexterity In finding a backup solution Or emergency plans To turn the situation back into the game And have to make a decisive decision If something goes wrong Then choose to use the backup plan that we have prepared …
(Putting on a good strategy Therefore need to have an emergency plan Always add to the end)

Did you know?
: Finding a backup plan Or this contingency plan that might lead to new forms of innovation

Because of what?
: Since the world society has become more accessible to each other freely Making society more complex And even more obscure. Therefore, organizations / businesses that Mindset to solve problems. Therefore, there is a backup plan To find ways to deal with situations like this often And it can be used to work too, because during the crisis Most organizations tend to see problems. Be aware of the problem alone Causing the lack of ideas to fix the problem This is different with an organization that has Agility is that it has a backup plan in advance. Can continue to work according to the plan Making it possible to remove the ambiguity first … this is called Innovation Resolve
(Most of the innovations that occur are creating a model to solve that problem)

In this ambiguity situation, we see that some places have overlapping opportunities. In the form of new innovation That was created to make the situation clear …
#After this crisis, we should definitely learn new innovations.

💬 In conclusion, some situations may arise from multiple forms of merging. Can be combined
So how to fix the problem Therefore, it is necessary to integrate all knowledge together. By looking at the overall picture first And the oscilloscope delves into the details of each problem …

Hopefully the concept of VUCA will help us see the big picture. And through it consciously …

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