Money and Wealth Plus Co., Ltd. Recruiting for Financial Advisor to provide advice on:
-> Personal financial planning
-> Covering every stage of life
-> Risk Management
-> Tax planning
-> Diversification of investment in various asset classes
Opening the door to the world of being a financial advisor Find Freedom in time, financial, thought, and positive lifestyle
Creating a positive impact by helping clients to achieve their financial
goals through financial planning based on their needs.
Armed with thought, conquer everything We will equip and support you with skills and knowledge in the following areas:
-> Skills to identify and analyze problems accurately
-> Skills to solve problems quickly and appropriately
-> Skills to provide financial planning, investment planning, as well as risk management
-> Skills to select appropriate financial products based on clients’ needs
We will help and provide you with sustainable growth opportunities. Prepare to become a financial advisor entrepreneur, give the opportunity to own your own financial advisor company within the first 1-3 years of working with us, so that you can serve both domestic and ASEAN clients with full financial and insurance liberalization.

We help you continue to promote and increase your opportunities.

Prepare to become a financial advisor entrepreneur And can be the owner of the company itself within 1-3 years in order for you to provide complete customer service and receive financial liberalization. and full insurance

Wealth Advisory Coach

Annual Awards Ceremony 2023AIA ANNUAL AGENCY AWARDS PRESENTATION 2023, Monday April 22, 2024 at Hall 6-8 IMPACT Muang Thong Thani.

4 pillars of finance that will make us rich sustainably 1. Creating Wealth 2. Protecting Wealth 3. Accumulating Wealth 4. Delivering Wealth Always find good content from Coach Claire.

Modern work can be done anywhere Work from anywhere The world is changing faster than we expected. If you don’t start making changes, it may be too late. makes us unable to go beyond the limits Are you ready to step into a new experience with a quality team with us?

3 services for you

Financial advisory services, life insurance and career advice, financial advisors.

1rd aspect

Apply for an FA career

2rd aspect

financial planning service

3rd aspect

Become a Business Partner

Financial and life insurance consultant

Why Money and Wealth Plus?

Analyze and recommend, even if you have never taken insurance. Ready to design insurance that is suitable for you.

received intensive training

ready to answer all questions and consulting

Guaranteed by an award

About us

Making a decision to change your outlook on life could change our whole world forever

From the day that Khun Nareerat Ponlaboot decided to step away from the government service under the Ministry of University Affairs in an operating room nurse at Siriraj Hospital Mahidol University to become a life insurance agent of AIA Company Limited in 1992 because he saw the growth of the life insurance industry in Thailand. Until being successful, there are many guaranteed awards And ready to give advice to create a new generation to become a professional financial advisor.