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: Applicants send resume to Facebook, Linked in
: The selection team made an appointment for the interview date. Zoom Meeting

Step 1)

  1. The applicant briefly introduces himself. Family history, education, work
  2. Ask about your dreams, aspirations, goals in life. Definition of happiness, analysis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, obstacles, attitude towards financial advisor career
  3. Get to know Money and Wealth Plus, Nareerat IFA (Founder), Vision,Mission, Opportunity, Advancement, Support that IFA will receive.
  4. Know the course AIA FA Prime VS AIA FA Standard
  5. If the conclusions have to go forward to work together Let’s meet for the next 2nd time.

Step 2)
     Meet the staff for online training courses & take a life insurance agent license exam with the P.O.P. to register with the company. AIA Thailand

Step  3)
     After obtaining the life insurance agent code, apply for a training course for the Investment Consultant License (IC) to register with Asset Management Company AIA Thailand (for those who do not have an IC)

Step 4)
       The Circle of Life Human life cycle & goals & financial barriers at each stage of life led to the creation of a curated list of 100+ 70% potential leads. 30%

Step 5)
     Those who have IC or if passed the IC license test while waiting for registration with the SEC, attend an interview for the AIA FA Prime training course, if failed the IC exam, interview for the AIA FA Standard training course and apply for the license exam Continue to allow IC during the training.