The US economy


The US economy, the last curve before the election, gradually recover

In the midst of the heavy COVID-19 epidemic Analysts point out the way back to prosperity is still a long way.
On November 2, 2020, Reuters reported that as the presidential election approached, Last week’s US economic report showed a gradual Recovering from recession due to COVID-19 impact But the recovery is still slow. While the number of new cases continues to increase in the United States every other day. Which the COVID-19 crisis And that economy is a factor that voters use to determine a new president.

Economics experts at Oxford Economics said the election climate this year was not very bright. Although US economic statistics show that it is better than expected. It was found that the country’s GDP rose 33.1 percent in the third quarter. And began to see increased income As consumers spend more But it is still considered far from a return to economic conditions before the epidemic. It was found that some consumers still needed help in many areas. It was found that spending was the most related to cars, clothes and shoes. Tourism spending remained low. Consumers still spend cautiously. While the unemployed uses the savings that has While financial assistance is not certain. These factors tend to change consumer behavior over the long term.

While both President Donald Trump and Joe Biden have completely different economic stances Mr Trump pledged to lead the U.S. economy in a positive direction if he was elected another term president, and Biden stressed that the country’s economy is still in a deep pit. And pledged to increase the minimum wage And spend a lot of money on infrastructure and green energy While Mr. Trump Although there are signs that it will stimulate the economy But not into details about creating work
Source: Reuters

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