Shop Dee Mee Night 2023

Tax deduction up to 40,000 baht
ℹ Conditions for measures “Shop well, have a night 2023”
✅ expenses from the purchase of goods or services
✅ From 1 Jan. – 15 Feb. 2023
✅ Individual tax deductions
✅ The amount actually paid but not more than 30,000 baht *Excluding ordinary partnership or non-juristic group of persons*
✅ Total OTOP products
📣  special!! conditions for tax deduction
✅ Fuel bills paid between 1 Jan. 23 – 15 Feb. 23 can request a tax invoice to exercise tax deduction privileges (formerly, “fuel bills” were the expenses that did not participate measures to shop well, have a night)
✅ Additional tax deduction of 10,000 baht for electronic tax invoices.
💔 products and services that “Unable to exercise rights”
🚫 Liquor, beer, wine, tobacco
🚫 car purchase motorcycles and boats
🚫 Car, motorcycle and boat fees
🚫 Newspaper and magazine fees that is in the form of electronic data through the internet
🚫 Fees for organizing tours and guides
🚫 Cost of accommodation in the hotel
🚫 Utilities, water, electricity, telephone service and internet service
🚫 Service charges with service agreement And the service recipient can use the service beyond the service period. As specified (1 Jan. 23 – 15 Feb. 23), such as various membership fees
🚫 Non-life insurance
*Cabinet resolution on 20 December 2022
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