Give The Best Solutions to Everyone


  The organization of a new generation of financial advisor entrepreneurs is full of high quality individuals who are leaders of thought, ideology and passion in helping to build and strengthen financial situation and public health system for all households in Thailand.

  Helping the people in the Thai society to have peace of mind and help Thailand as country to have a strong fiscal position and to be in the forefront of ASEAN countries by paying taxes on income of entrepreneurs in the organization that is increasing every year.


  Determined to select, build, and develop people with ideology to be the professional financial advisors (FA) for everyone in the country. The number of our FA is continuously increasing in both quantity and quality and they are able to provide sufficient services to the needs of the people in our country.

  They are being promoted and provided growth and sustainable opportunities as entrepreneurs which will allow them to pass on the success to the next generation to support changes in the various needs of the people in Thailand and the opening of financial and insurance free trade areas in ASEAN.


  Increase the quantity and quality of FA every year by increasing the competition among FA. We aim to have 90% of the personnel within our organization to have an IC license, FChFP diploma, and MDRT qualification. Developing relationships by building trust in people is the primary duty of the FA.

  Encourage our FA to have license for life insurance agents – casualty agents for risk management, Investment Consultant/IC license, and knowledge of English language in order to increase their competitive advantage which will help them to expand the customer base to the ASEAN economic community.


Analyzing career opportunities FA

Analyzing career opportunities FA

: A variety of financial goals for people in each stage of their lives
: A variety of financial products and services
: A variety of information/big data
: The severity of the emerging epidemic affecting the economic, financial, and livelihoods of people without delay.  Make people more cautious on their spending habit. People will spend only on what they need, allowing the FA to play a part in helping them plan their budget allocation. This profession is directly related to the care and love for people which is why robots can never replace humans as FA.

: Government regulations which have high impacts on high net-worth customers, allowing financial advisors to have an important role in helping financial planning for this group of customers including;

  1. Deposit Protection Act, 11 August 2021, Deposit Protection Agency will cover only THB 1 million deposits per person per bank
  2. Inheritance Tax act effective from 1 February 2016.
  3. Land, Buildings Tax act effective January 1, 2022, the new appraised value of the Treasury Department Price close to market price with a price increase of 8-10 percent every 3 years
  4. Monetary policy of the Bank of Thailand in the low interest rate cut than inflation Bond interest rates that fall in accordance with the global economy.
  5. Investment conditions that fluctuate throughout the world.

  Therefore allowing customers to diversify their investments by offer Hi to Low-risk assets. They can choosing benefit plan from the guarantee of protection instead of the money that has been received

  : The global population structure is a long-lived society. Makes the period after retirement longer Preparing money for life and medical expenses Therefore more numbers are needed. Therefore, planning for effective retirement is extremely important.

Core Value

  • Always adhere to the ideology of being a giver before being a receiver
  • An ordinary people can be a full person with goodness and morality.
  • Be generous, love family, colleagues, customers, and surrounding people
  • Be responsible to oneself and society
  • Love to learn, to develop, to change, to share, and give back to society
  • Help and care for people willingly and sincerely
  • Create positive energy, making society more pleasant
  • Help people in the nation to have better living, more prosperous, more sustainable
  • Help people in the nation to have the financial stability, which will lead to stable society and stable nation
  • Financial planning based on the benefits of customers with  correctness, fairness and good governance
  • Developing relationships by creating trust among people is the FA’s primary responsibility.

Core Value