Less shopping in the mall


Less shopping in the mall

Less shopping in the mall America’s lowest in a decade, bigger and bigger
Come back again with Shopping Day 10.10 (Day 10, Month 10) that Thai shoppers have been eagerly awaited after Shopping Day 9.9 (9th month 9) where sales on online websites have surged more than 10 million. Pieces from the first hour In total, throughout 2020, the Thai e-Commerce market earned 2.3 billion baht, an increase of 42.4% from the previous year, but … in this growth figure Instead, I found some numbers in “opposite direction” then “what is the counter number?” We will go through and find the “answer” along the way …

Thai e-commerce market If comparing it to a fresh market, it is called walking one another, throbbing, shoulder collision It has 33.7 million users, an increase of 9.6% from the previous year, and as mentioned earlier this year (2020) generated more than 2.3 billion baht, an increase of 42.4% from the previous year.
Of course, the number 1 is no one where “China” is the big brother of the e-commerce market. That has generated more than 34 trillion baht in revenue this year

And did you know that What products can generate the most income in the Thai ecommerce market?
The shoppers should have guessed that The products that generate the most income are electronic products & media, earning 7.4 billion baht, followed by food & personal care. Who made an income of 7.3 billion baht
Believe that Shopping Day 10.10 (Day 10, month 10) will likely make sales at least 9.9 page (9th month 9th) of course.

And in addition to “China” which generates revenue as No. 1, competitors such as the United States of America will not be inferior in the second consecutive number of revenue in the e-commerce market up to 13 trillion baht, which most often spend. With “Fashion” earning over 3.9 trillion baht

At this point … it’s time to find the “answer” of that “counterpoint number” already.
According to a survey of Talking Stock with Teens, an interesting “counterfeit” figure is the shopping volume of “American teenagers” hit the lowest level in two decades And the main reason is “COVID-19” (COVID-19) feared by American teenagers that it may bring the economy to the worst. … until it made it difficult to spend. This survey asked more than 9,800 consumers from 48 states with an average household income of 2.1 million baht, which was collected between August 19 and September 22 and was published on Tuesday, October 6 ago Shopping amount “American teenagers” who hit the lowest level in two decades is about 6.7 thousand baht, down 9% compared to the previous year (YoY), which in 2006 American teenagers had the highest spending amount of 9.4 thousand baht. If digested in shopping “American teenagers” were also found to decline in all categories such as apparel, spending 1.6 thousand baht per person per year, an 11% drop from the past. And women are the groups that spend about 4,990 baht more on clothes than men, of course, “Nike” (Nike) is still firmly held in the position of the beloved brand, followed by “American Eagle” (American Eagle). Eagle) followed by Adidas, while clothing brands that fell in the ranks were “Forever 21” and “Victoria Secret”, which dropped to No. 22 from No. 13 last year And the product with the lowest spending amount of all time is a “handbag”, averaging only 2,714 baht, in which LVMH’s “Louis Vuitton” (Louis Vuitton) can squeeze “Michael Kors. “(Michael Kors) is the number 1 bag brand to be another category for American teenagers. (Thai teenagers too) such as “shoes” that the No. 1 popular brand is still “Nike” (Nike), followed by Van (Vans) and Adidas (Adidas), it was found that there was a reduction in shopping. Down as well, only 8,575 baht per person per year A 6% decrease from the previous year, where men spent 1,559 more than women on shoes.

But … the attraction in the apparel category is shopping volume. “Secondhand goods” on the rise among American teenagers. That has been competing for market share from the original players (page) Especially off-price retailers such as TJ Max and leading department stores, which more than 46% of American teenagers. Instead of buying second-hand products from platforms such as Poshmark and The RealReal, over 58% of them sell second-hand products on marketplaces. (Marketplace) If you ask, “Which e-commerce is the most popular among American teenagers?” 1 52% increase from the previous year, which is why the ecommerce market is making such a high income.

At the same time … on the other side “Shopping malls and retailers” find frighteningly “counterproductive numbers”
Only 33% of American teenagers go shopping in a mall. Shopping in specialty retailers dropped 36% from the previous year. What was the effect of less shopping?

BIG NAMES, BIG PAINS J.C. Penney, Stage Store and Neiman Marcus have filed for bankruptcy. Or choose to move on to a rehabilitation plan, or even “Lord & Taylor” (Lord & Taylor), one of the oldest department stores in the United States. Also opted to enter the debt settlement plan recovery process
Lord & Taylor was the first department store established in the United States in 1826, having been in business for 194 years … but when COVID-19 was found, Can’t stand still Entered into the bankruptcy filing on August 2, initially announced the closure of more than 20 locations.

In the overview section of American teenagers Men spend 21% of their money on food, followed by video games and clothing, while women spend 27% more on clothing. This was followed by diet and self-care.
One of the possibilities that makes “American teen” shopping less. This is thought to be caused by their parents and themselves from their work, with more than 48% of American teenagers believed The US economy will enter the worst stage. And not only in the United States Where the amount of shopping in the mall has decreased In Thailand, it’s not that different!

According to a survey on the retail store confidence index last July, it was lower than June and the next three months. It is also lower than June as well. And from the survey of the Modern Trade trader confidence index in the second quarter, it was found that continued to decline. Came at level 46.4, although last Various strict measures Will relax But most shoppers are concerned with purchasing power and lower incomes, mainly due to higher unemployment and household debt. Of course, that has a direct effect on product sales.

It can be called the “whirlpool retail”, both for department stores and specialty retailers. Are in a very worrisome situation Where will the entry of Where is the “e-commerce market” that has gotten a lot of revenue? The residual COVID-19 poisoning will not be cleared. Until the retailer had to close the business quietly Most of the people have stepped into rehabilitation plans. Anyone still, when dragging it, pushes a lot of promotions Split into the e-commerce market Hopefully, enough income to be restored to grow in the next year again.


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