Money and Wealth Plus Co., Ltd. Recruiting for Financial Advisor to provide advice on:
-> Personal financial planning
-> Covering every stage of life
-> Risk Management
-> Tax planning
-> Diversification of investment in various asset classes
Opening the door to the world of being a financial advisor Find Freedom in time, financial, thought, and positive lifestyle
Creating a positive impact by helping clients to achieve their financial
goals through financial planning based on their needs.
Armed with thought, conquer everything We will equip and support you with skills and knowledge in the following areas:
-> Skills to identify and analyze problems accurately
-> Skills to solve problems quickly and appropriately
-> Skills to provide financial planning, investment planning, as well as risk management
-> Skills to select appropriate financial products based on clients’ needs
We will help and provide you with sustainable growth opportunities. Prepare to become a financial advisor entrepreneur, give the opportunity to own your own financial advisor company within the first 1-3 years of working with us, so that you can serve both domestic and ASEAN clients with full financial and insurance liberalization.

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Become a business partner with us. If you are close to people who are starting a family, building up their wealth, or establishing a business.
If you are surrounded by successful and highly competent businessmen. Read more ..
Our services Recruiting of our FA team. Do you have these qualifications? Passionate in valuable work that helps solving problems for clients and keen to helping Thai people to have a better life and not be a burden to others. Read more.. Providing financial planning services that cover all aspects We are a team with expertise in analyzing financial problems and providing the best solution for clients through efficient financial planning. Read more..

  based on the comparison of percentage of people in Thailand with life insurance versus developed countries in Asia-Pacific, America and Europe. The comparison shows that Thailand has a significantly lower percentage of people with life insurance than in many countries. From then on, she progressed from a life insurance agent to become an entrepreneur professional financial consultant and formed “Money and Wealth Plus” on 9 August 2000. VAT registration on 6 January 2004 . With independent research results While studying a master's degree Faculty of Economics Thammasat University (2014-2015) titled "The Study of the Structure of the Independent Financial Advisor and the Needs of the Upper Market Customers" and have traveled by attending knowledge-sharing meeting with over 500 life insurance companies and financial advisors from 70 countries across the world. The primary purpose of this annual meeting is to apply knowledge to develop team training and servicing customers in Thailand with international standards.

About us Decisions to change perspective in life may forever change our world

  In 1992, Khun Nareerat Polabout decided to leave her government job as an operating room nurse at Siriraj Hospital where she started working after her graduation from Mahidol University with 2nd class honor in the Faculty of Nursing. Khun Nareerat decided to become a life insurance agent at AIA Company Limited because she saw the growth opportunity in the life insurance industry in Thailand