Currently, Gen Z - Millennial people in Thailand

Worried about the cost of living the most? Plus stress about future finances.

Deloitte Thailand reveals the results of the Global 2023 Gen Z and Millennial Survey, the results of a study. That reflects the views of Gen Z and Millennials. It was found that the new generation of Thais is most concerned about the cost of living.

The top three issues that the new generation of Thais are most concerned about are 1. High cost of living, 2. Unemployment, and 3. Economic inequality.

This leads to concerns about personal money management, with 67 percent of Gen Z and 62 percent of Millennials saying they manage their money month-to-month. This is higher than the global share of the same generation at 51 percent and 52 percent, respectively.

And from such concerns, 66 percent and 71 percent of Gen Z and Millennials in Thailand, respectively, have to work extra jobs to have a second source of income.

Gen Z is most likely to work in shifts such as food delivery, social media influencer, and content creator work, while the majority of Millennials prefer to sell products and services through online channels.

However, despite facing economic pressures, 86% of Gen Z and 65% of Millennials in Thailand are likely to change jobs. If the company allows you to return to working full time at the office

and nearly 70% of both new Thai generations They are more likely to ask that companies have flexible work policies. that aims to promote the concept of creating a work-life balance covering 3 main issues: 1. There are more options for working together. 2. Find a way to make part-time employees Opportunity for career advancement 3. Change the work pattern to 4 days per week.

The new generation is stressed from heavy workload.

The survey also found that 40% of Millennials reply to texts or emails outside of work every day, while 32% of Gen Z reply to texts or emails 3-4 times a week. As a result, both Janes were stressed from working hard.

And 72% of Gen Z and 63% of Millennials feel bored and burned out from workload and other demands.

There are also other factors. that result in even more stress, with the top 3 being:

  1. future finance
  2. Everyday Finance
  3. Family health and well-being

As a result, more than 90% of Gen Z and Millennials in Thailand are interested in working with organizations that have policies that care and promote good mental health among employees. This is significantly higher than people in the same age group around the world, which has an average of 80 percent.

Work Life Balance is important to Gen Z – Millennial.

And from the survey results, it was found that Gen Z and Millennial people in Thailand are satisfied with creating a work/life balance (Work/life Balance) and diversity. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) is higher than people of the same generation around the world.

51% of Gen Z and 41% of Millennials are very satisfied with their work-life balance. This is higher than people of the same age worldwide at 34% and 31%, respectively.

And 45% of Gen Z and 24% of Millennials in Thailand are satisfied with their organization’s emphasis on diversity. Equality and participation This is higher than people in the same age group around the world at 33% and 28%, respectively.

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