cardiovascular disease

The silent threat that killed Thai people Check the risks before it’s too late.
🤔Did you know that Thai people die from cardiovascular disease the most number 1 with a death rate of over 58,000 in 2020 and there is a tendency for this number to continue to increase? distant matter And did not expect that various behaviors in everyday life could result in this terrible disease forming a silent threat in the body.
🧑‍⚕️by Dr. Prinwatee Satokkit, cardiologist, Ramathibodi Hospital Suggest ways to prevent disease and persuade Thai people to take care of their health. Ready to delve into everything you know about cardiovascular disease, how to do risk assessment to prevent the occurrence of this terrible disease?
Nowadays, people can easily take the cardiovascular risk assessment questionnaire regardless of age. to begin a preliminary self-assessment whether there is a risk or not and to understand more about risk factors for cardiovascular disease. The universal baseline dataset for the assessment is age, sex, blood pressure, diabetes, blood lipids.
and smoking history, etc. Statistics show that the more there are many risk factors. The chances of developing cardiovascular disease will increase more than people without any risk factors.
Be aware of “heart disease”, a danger for Thai people that should not be ignored.
In addition to the death rate from cardiovascular disease There will be more than 600,000 patients admitted to hospital in 2021, which is not a small number and each year the age range of patients tends to decrease gradually. which is a rather dangerous signal for Thai people
Most of the time, symptoms of the disease are seen in patients over 40 years of age, but it can also be seen in patients under 40 years of age. This is usually a group of high-risk patients. and may be caused by a variety of factors or as we call it “the factor”
This can be caused by both genetics and behavior, such as having a family history of cardiovascular disease before or other risk factors that affect the occurrence of the disease, such as drinking behavior, smoking, not getting enough sleep pressure stress hyperlipidemia Obesity, overweight and diabetes, etc.
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