Working to order is out of date


Working to order is out of date?

The new corporate way is to teach people to think Have the freedom to work

Practices that continue to carry on Together for a long time until becoming a culture in the organization Each organization has different cultures. It is also considered an important factor that shape people within the organization to have different personalities, lifestyles, ways of thinking and how to behave towards others.

COVID changes the ways of the organization From the original that had been hijacked by the boss Became a need to build more trust between them

The old corporate culture, known as Old-School Management, in a world that has transcended the COVID era. (Stepping past the COVID era here It does not mean that COVID is eliminated. But it means that the world has gone through a severe COVID outbreak. Until the age of learning how to live with COVID), remote work or work from home (Work from home) has become a way of life that people become more familiar with.

Looking back during the early new pandemic, we can see that the unexpected work that can be carried back at home, such as government jobs with a large pile of documents. Until the personnel were unable to move anywhere When the risk of disease is more intense Makes people and organizations adapt to think of ways to work from home until

Therefore, online freelance work is not the same way. With only the same working people Can work remotely for longer But other types of jobs are also beginning to learn to adapt.

As the long-distance way of working grows in popularity People within the organization are therefore able to adapt more from work that is subject to the supervision of their bosses, directors or supervisors.

For this reason, the way of thinking that personnel under the mask, manager level or higher May not be able to use the old mindset to control what kind of work employees have to work Shouldn’t work in any way Like a small child who needs to be controlled or monitored all the time This way of thinking will gradually decline, while employee responsibilities will rise in exchange for the fading of freedom from managerial surveillance.

Of course, the way of monitoring employees who gather in a particular office to perform their duties. With supervisors sitting in groups to work together, which may be reduced But the corporate world has a new way of managing people – the way of reporting.

Way of reporting Is a reflection of transparency Create more equality between the classes in the organization.

Transparency from each function The revelation reveals that each moment Of each person’s work on what Where do you get a page? How many tasks are there to be done at hand? It will help to create more equality between people. Both in terms of workers who are in the same team And also builds trust among supervisors even more because it relieves anxiety Knowing that the members within the organization under their care are still responsible for their assigned duties No longer have to keep pointing fingers at the same order

Of course, Flat hierarchy or the equalization of the elite in the organization. It may be something that many people dream of and expect it to be. In the real world, there was an organization without bosses. No work to order You don’t have to report to each other as to what each other is working or responsible for, such as computer game development companies like Valve or Valve Corporation. Had previously leaked information that Valve organization has a real “no boss” culture.

After a while it turned out that That culture in the valve company Has disappeared, the Bossless Organization is just a hollow, empty, deceptive and non-existent. Instead, there is a more complex culture of people management, and more revealing information that reflects more clearly, such as the idea of ​​being part of or closest to the decision-makers. Just to give yourself more decision-making power, of course, this case falls into the patronage system, a culture that Thai people are quite familiar with as well.

People in Valve Corporation said that Although there are people in the organization working hard. How serious is your dedication or how much productivity is there in your work? If only a person close to the decision maker in the organization is dissatisfied with that person. Can bounce off the position Or obstruct work Or making decisions that are more inclined towards those of closer authority, etc.

This is another picture that the people in the Valve Organization. It reflects another organizational culture that is most easily spoken in a language we are familiar with. Is internal politics It is a division of both parties to obtain benefits or powers in any way that accompany the intimacy to both the sponsor and the sponsor.

So it can be said that A way to help alleviate political ailments within a Bossy disease organization where fussy bosses follow in the shadow every step the workers face is. To be transparent, accountable, report on the progress of the results of their duties and reveal real responsibilities. Will help as a barrier to prevent personnel from working without any doubt I doubt the responsibility. It also creates more equality between the classes in the organization.

At the same time, when the bosses saw that there was some work that was lost in the direction Only suggesting Guiding the staff will help prevent the blur of the ignorance. And a lack of understanding of the direction of work, more or less in this sense, if only starting to work in the right direction from the beginning Or there may be some confusion in the middle of the way It will help the organization to work in accordance with the policies and goals set more.
In addition, freedom from work is an important factor that will drive people to create work that is more deviating from the traditional direction of the organization as well.

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