Why is the economy bad? Do you need to have insurance?

In a bad economic situation Many people may be hesitant to get insurance due to the stress of cost. And they may view insurance as an unnecessary expense. But in reality, times like these may be the time when we need insurance the most. To create a financial cushion to be ready to face uncertain situations for ourselves and our families.

The more bad the economy The more you need to plan for risk management.
Insurance is a tool that helps us manage risks that may occur in the future, for example, in the case of self-employed people or traders, they may be affected by the economy due to reduced income. In the case of full-time employees, they may face the impact of rising unemployment rates. As a result, it becomes more difficult to find a high-paying job. While the same job may be at risk of being fired. Therefore, if unexpected events occur during this period Whether it is an illness, an accident, or the detection of a serious disease. or death It will have even more impact than before. Because the existing burden of expenses alone is already heavy. In this situation, life insurance and health insurance are more necessary than ever as a reserve fund for emergencies. However, getting insurance during a bad economic period should be considered appropriate to your income. By planning to send insurance premiums that are not too much beyond your own means and choose the type of coverage that best meets your needs


Get life insurance to protect your family. Get health insurance to cope with uncertain days.

Having life insurance helps us protect our family and loved ones. Especially for those who are the head of the family, they should have life insurance to give them peace of mind. Because life insurance will help the family have an emergency fund for the day they lose their primary income. To support every life to be able to find its footing and move forward even in situations where the economy is not favorable. We can choose to get many types of life insurance. Both life insurance with lifetime protection Term life insurance Investment-linked life insurance (Unit Linked), including life insurance for wealth accumulation or pension life insurance. Can do the same. This is another option for saving and creating security for yourself and your family at the same time.

Whereas having comprehensive health insurance helps protect against financial risk from high medical expenses. Health insurance will give us treatment options. To be able to access good treatment without having to worry about expenses on days when we are seriously ill or have an accident. In addition, critical illness insurance is also necessary. Because serious diseases have very high costs. Both medical expenses and expenses during the recovery period or during the period when you have to resign from work and lose income. Critical illness insurance will help you have a lump sum of money to cover these various expenses. If you have a limited budget for purchasing insurance, It is recommended that at least one should have critical illness insurance. To prevent us from having to go into additional debt from earning money for medical treatment. In addition, the premium The starting point for critical illness insurance is not very high. There are also many types to choose from as needed, such as meet-pay-finish. That covers both life and critical illness protection. A type that doesn’t require paying premiums. If you’re not sick, you can surrender the policy later, or a type that meets, pays, ends up getting complete care. that emphasizes value from multiple claims

Therefore, getting life insurance, health insurance, and critical illness insurance Therefore, it prepares to face uncertain situations and helps prevent financial risks that may occur. Especially in times of bad economic conditions, having life insurance, health insurance, and critical illness insurance It will help make the future of us and our families more stable and secure.

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