Who is the major shareholder in AIA?

Who is the major shareholder in AIA?

Many people still misunderstand that AIA’s full name is American International Assurance Company and understand that AIA’s major shareholder is AIG (American International Group). Shows that you have been out of the news for a decade.

The fact is that AIA’s full name is AIA, meaning he uses 3 letters as his real name. no other name (Like other FWD companies that don’t have a full name For anyone who understands that the full name is Forward, you are seriously mistaken.)
Asked why AIA has stopped using the full name American International Assurance Company, the answer is that he wants to make a clear stance. Today, this company is no longer affiliated with AIG and is no longer a US company.

If anyone follows the news during the time that the AIG company has a huge loss from entering the guarantee of financial derivatives Until the Federal Reserve Bank had to come in 2009 because if it didn’t come in, millions of Americans would suffer. from the accumulation of pensions at this company

But the US authorities did not come to hold for free. He had an exchange that AIG had to sell the assets to pay off the central bank debt. And AIG’s most valuable asset, regarded as the crown jewel, is the AIA Company.
AIG had to announce the sale of AIA shares. Initially, there was news that British company Prudential would come to buy shares. But it appears that AIA Company is larger than Prudential Company, so it is not wise to buy it.
The US Federal Reserve had to sell AIA shares through the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Because AIA’s head office is in Hong Kong and AIA’s business is in the entire Asia-Pacific region. It was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in October 2010. (Another reason is that America was in a hamburger (subprime) crisis back then, while Asian capital markets were strong. Fundraising in Asia is therefore easier.)

It appears that the offering of shares It is the third largest stock market in the world, raising approximately HK$159.08 billion or US$20.5 billion or 650 billion baht (AIA held an IPO in October 2010, raising approximately HK$159.08 billion (US $20.51 billion), the world’s third largest IPO ever)
And in December 2012, AIG sold its remaining 13.69% stake in AIA without holding any more. Ends being a subsidiary of AIG and no longer an American company (On 21 December 2012, AIG sold all of its 13.69% shareholding in AIA).
Who is the major shareholder in AIA?

According to information from the website Marketscreener.com The names of the top 5 major shareholders have been identified as follows:
1. Capital Research & Management Co. (World Investors) 3.46%
2. The Vanguard Group, Inc. 2.58%
3. Fidelity Management & Research Co. LLC 1.80%
4. BlackRock Fund Advisors 1.77%
5. JPMorgan Investment Management, Inc. 1.60%
Therefore, it can be concluded that AIA is truly a public company. There is no major shareholder who has total power. The top 10 shareholders are mostly mutual funds that hold shares for long-term investment. The rest are retail investors from Hong Kong, China and hundreds of thousands of Asians.
According to marketscreener.com, AIA has a total of 12,006 million shares, 12,001 million free-float shares, representing nearly 100% of the total. Only 5 million shares are held by management, representing to 0.04%
(Free Float is the amount of shares held by “Retail investor” where a retail investor is a shareholder who does not participate in management. and does not hold shares for strategic business benefits)

Therefore, the directors who come to the management come from the votes of the shareholders collectively. Not one of them, but nonetheless, this company has always had good performance. Looking at the share price as an indicator of its performance, it appears that from the IPO price of HK$19.68 from 2010 to today, the share price has stood at $83. (AIA shares reached HK$108 in early 2021, prior to the lockdown in China. until affecting sales in Hong Kong)

AIA Group currently has branches in 18 countries across Asia Pacific, including Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Macau, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Brunei, Cambodia, Myanmar, Australia, New Zealand, Sri Lanka and India. Except in some countries where the government has a policy that the life insurance company must have a local shareholder. must comply with the laws of that country
Today, AIA has announced a clear policy. will focus on doing business only in the Asia-Pacific region and will be the best life insurance company in the region

I hope that from today on, no one will make the mistake of saying that I work at American International Assurance or say AIA is an American company. It is another subsidiary of AIG.
Otherwise, you’re releasing a really big chicken.

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