What kind of life insurance should I get when I'm married?

Insurance planning guide for married people
Marriage is the beginning of many things. Both the beginning of married life Start building a family and start planning the future together Insurance planning to start building security for your life It is another important matter that should not be overlooked. When starting a married life, you must always consider the other person. And look into the future if any unexpected events happen to any one of them. How will the other party go on with their lives? Will I be able to bear expenses such as home payments, car payments, and other expenses from one person’s income? Including in the future if we have children, we must prepare to ensure that our children will be able to receive a good education and live a stable life. Today, we would like to invite you to talk about life planning after marriage and what kind of insurance is necessary for newly married couples.
1) Whole life insurance
     Life insurance to receive death benefits is suitable for those who are the main income earner in the family. It is recommended to get life insurance that provides coverage worth at least 3-5 times your annual income. In case something unexpected happens to you. Your family will have enough money to live comfortably for another 3-5 years, even in your absence.
2) Life insurance combined with investment (Unit Linked)
     Life insurance with capital investment is a life insurance policy that provides both protection in the event of death. And there is also the opportunity to receive a return on investment. It comes with flexibility so you can adjust to increase or decrease the proportion of life coverage and investments according to the needs of each life stage, such as
 ✅ When newly married and at a young age, coverage can be reduced. and increase the proportion of investment to accelerate building
 ✅When you have children, you can add life coverage to your existing policy. Because if an unexpected event occurs The family will not have difficulties.
 ✅If you have no financial obligations, such as paying off your home loan or your child has graduated. You can reduce your coverage as well.
 ✅In the event that you face financial problems or lack of income, you can take a break from paying premiums under the conditions set by the company. The coverage will continue after that when the financial situation has improved. You can come back and continue paying the premiums.
 ✅สุFinally, when you have more income You can pay additional premiums to increase the value of the policy. If the policy has enough value You will be able to withdraw money from the policy to spend as well.
3) Critical illness insurance
  Health is an uncertain matter. But what is certain is that we don’t know when we will get sick. Even if you take good care of yourself, you cannot avoid the risk of serious illnesses. And when that day comes, we don’t want our health problems to be a burden on the people we love.
Serious illness is often accompanied by high costs. Long healing time It takes time to recuperate. and may result in having to resign from work and lose income And even if cured, there is a higher risk of recurrence than the general population. Critical illness insurance allows you to immediately transfer these financial risks to your insurance company. When you get sick, you have a lump sum to support you. Create peace of mind in living together. So you can hold hands and walk together firmly forever.
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