The Stock Exchange reveals its 2024-2026 plan.

Raise confidence in the Thai capital market Increase competitive potential Towards a capital market with sustainable quality
The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) steps into its 50th year by setting a 3-year strategic plan (2024-2026) aimed at building a quality Thai capital market towards sustainable growth (Delivering Market Quality x Growth), raising confidence through development. system and use AI technology to help prevent wrongdoing Protect investors Including monitoring the quality of listed companies Increase the competitiveness of the Thai capital market and support companies with potential to register. Attract investors through In-bound / Out-bound roadshow as well as support SMEs / Startups through the LiVE Platform, developing products that meet investor needs. Including developing an efficient infrastructure according to world-class standards to become a platform To expand the business of market participants As well as supporting the important agenda of the Thai capital market and the country towards sustainability, aiming for Net Zero according to the goal in 2050.
‘Pakorn Peetathawatchai’ Director and Manager The Stock Exchange of Thailand revealed that amid today’s challenges and changing environment, Especially in overseeing the capital market to be transparent and fair (Market Integrity), which the Stock Exchange The operation has begun. by increasing supervision of listed companies throughout the entire process Since the start of registration Maintaining status as a listed company until revocation By working together with the SEC Office and related agencies. To raise confidence in the capital market Ready to enhance competitive potential Create interest in the stock exchange both fundraising and investment Create opportunities for capital market participants Including driving sustainability for the country’s sustainability goals Ready to step into the 50th year of developing the capital market to benefit all sectors under the vision “To Make the Capital Market ‘Work’ for Everyone” through the Stock Exchange’s strategic plan for 2024-2026 “Create a quality capital market Toward sustainable growth” in 3 main areas: 1) raising confidence in the capital market 2) enhancing competitiveness 3) supporting the drive towards sustainability

Raise confidence in the capital market
1.1     Strengthen quality and tools to protect investors by developing tools that will be used to analyze and monitor the quality of listed companies and their trading on the stock exchange. By creating the Financial Data Health Check and Surveillance Prevention and Analytics (SPA) systems, as well as collaborating with partners such as the Thai Bond Market Association (ThaiBMA) to connect debt instrument data of listed companies. and can be used to process more quickly

1.2     Protect and build immunity for the people.
By using AI technology It is used to detect fake news and investment scams that are spread through social media. To warn investors through various channels of the Stock Exchange and report to the Anti-Fake News Center to continue warning the public. In addition, a system will be developed that will notify social media operators to remove fake news and close fake pages. To prevent further damage to the people. It is expected to be operational within the 4th quarter of 2024.

Enhance competitive potential
2.1 Increase interest in attracting investment

  • Supply side supports companies in industries that have the potential to be listed on the stock exchange (Target industries), specifically the target industries, including the digital industry. Health industry and agriculture and food industries Through working with partners Ready to use technology to increase service efficiency for both companies that will raise funds and listed companies, such as One Report and Digital IPO System, and continuously support the work of listed companies, including developing the LiVE Platform for SMEs / Startups to have easy access. Easy to understand and easy to access. In addition, there are plans to increase the attractiveness of listed companies to attract both domestic and foreign investors through In-bound / Out-bound roadshows.
  • Demand side increases investment options to suit each group of investors (More Choice) by developing new alternative products in line with the characteristics of new generation investors, such as Small Size Thai Share, including market conditions for the benefit of management. Risks such as Inverse ETF preparing to extend securities trading period Improving the development of new indices, making access to the capital market easier and more efficient (More Streamline), including opening a trading account that is convenient and fast and develop channels for easier access to investment and support the trading of a variety of assets. In addition, it will aim to create knowledge and understanding about investing in stocks for investors and the public at large through various projects. Ready to provide in-depth knowledge to enhance the skills of capital market professionals.

2.2     Upgrading capital market infrastructure
Develop infrastructure according to world standards To support the business expansion of market participants Expand cooperation in the form of alliances for both IT Service and Data Solution.

Support the drive towards sustainability

  • Environmental aspect (Environmental) aims to provide knowledge to listed companies through the SET ESG Academy project and develop ESG infrastructure through the Climate Care Collaboration Platform and SET Carbon projects, which are projects that build on the ESG Data Platform. In addition, it will cooperate with global partners to raise SET ESG Assessment level towards world-class standards
  • Social aspect (Social) Focuses on developing entrepreneurs who are family businesses (Family Business) and social enterprises (Social Enterprise)  by connecting more family businesses to the LiVE Platform, including disseminating investment knowledge to groups. Multi-jobber & Freelance
  • Corporate Governance (Governance) enhances knowledge and understanding of the capital market and supervision of securities trading on the Stock Exchange. to personnel involved in the justice process and support the creation of laws or regulations that are beneficial to the capital market.

At the same time, the Stock Exchange group Will focus on increasing efficiency in ESG operations. Intensely within the organization, such as expanding the SET’s Journey Towards Net Zero project to aim to become a Net Zero Organization, developing the organization to meet the needs of the new generation. and create an organizational culture that is ready to cope with change and be more flexible (Culture transformation) along with developing an effective risk management and corporate governance system (Risk management & Enhancing governance).

Summary of important developments according to the 2023 plan
1)  Create fundraising and investment opportunities.

  • IPO shares have a fundraising value of 38,260 million baht, the seventh highest in Asia, with 12 companies listed in the New Economy industry group.
  • Stock Exchange It has the highest liquidity in ASEAN continuously since 2012. In 2023, there will be an average stock trading value of 53,331 million baht per day.
  • Stock Exchange It has the highest liquidity in ASEAN continuously since 2012. In 2023, there will be an average stock trading value of 53,331 million baht per day.
  • Added 11 products that reference securities on the Singapore, Hong Kong, Europe, and America stock markets (total 23 securities). More than 3,000 SMEs / Startups join the LiVE Platform, and 4 companies are listed on LiVEx.
  • Push for the establishment of a Thai mutual fund for sustainability (Thai ESG Fund) where investors will receive tax benefits.

2)  Upgrade infrastructure and maintain capital market credibility.

  • SET CONNECT changes the new trading system. Using the latest technology that is international standards High efficiency
  • TDX opens trading of digital tokens for investment, RealX (RealX), the first product.
  • Support disclosure and linkage of ESG data. of listed companies through the ESG Data Platform, with 658 participating companies (74% of all listed companies)
  • Upgrading the governance process in all 5 steps
  1. Listing: Add qualifications for companies to register.
  2. Ongoing Obligations: Increase supervision of companies with performance problems by adding C-sign reasons.
  3. Trade Surveillance: Added a system to detect unusual trades. and study guidelines for setting up a “Securities Bureau”
  4. Delisting: Add reasons for delisting.
  5. Escalation to Public: Let the listed companies disclose additional information in case of doubt. and the Stock Exchange Provide information on hot trading cases Including revealing information about Program trading

3)  Develop the capital market for society and the country.

  • 28 companies are listed on the DJSI index, the most in ASEAN.
  • Create a “Standard Contract Use Manual for Carbon Credit Trading” for listed companies and create ESG partners both nationally and internationally.
  • Announce a Net-ZeroCommitment goal for 2050 and join the Climate-related Financial Disclosure (TCFD).
  • Promote financial/investment learning for Thai people and businesses. Through the Happy Money, Know How to Fight Debt, LiVE Platform and Family Business projects.
  • Collaborate with partners, business organizations, and government agencies. Initiating the project “Join together to catch fake investment scams”
  • Strengthen social enterprise with 51 business co-creation between business partners and Social Enterprise.
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