Take to see the life of a billionaire “Detained on a yacht” a prototype of the use of IoT to help the Thai economy


Take to see the life of a billionaire "Detained on a yacht" a prototype of the use of IoT to help the Thai economy

Sretthini Sriracha Normally the house is in the Gulf of Thailand. But flew overseas to visit Phuket in the Andaman Sea, the first flight in a year after the COVID-19 outbreak. Going to Phuket around this I can only say that I’m lonely since my feet touch the airport And reminiscent of Phuket a few years ago

When Phuket is lonely without tourists Seldom have to ask that How will the economy circulate? Because most people’s money and income come from tourism. This issue is therefore another source of the Digital Yacht Quarantine program or the detention on a yacht.

Sretthini Sriracha I would like to briefly describe the origins of the project, but I know about it starting with Godam or Chaiyarapipol, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Patchree Tour Group Co., Ltd., a famous boat tour operator in Phuket, spoke with Thanon. Phatra Thaiphop, Executive Director of Flo Corporation Limited or FLOWLOW, a Phuket-based Tech Startup, spoke after the 2018 Phoenix boat crash on what technology could be tracked and tracked down tourists. Boat to travel to the islands. Including taking care of tourists’ insurance

Then the two people, including Depa, jointly developed a ready-to-use smart port at Ao Po in the year 63, but praised that COVID-19 Epidemic first Although the system is ready to use 100%, but today there are only tourists. Therefore, the smart port has to wait for the day that tourists return to visit soon.

Reading up to this point, we can see that the development of Tech Startup is not concentrated only in the city. But still spread to other provinces Government organizations such as the Digital Economy Promotion Agency or Depa support both in terms of capital. And a body of knowledge about the application of technology to develop the economy and community This one is not promoting. But if anyone has a good idea Regarding technology, you can try talking to Depa, no matter how small your project is. Or big, he gave all the advice

Later, the Thai Yacht Business Association Trying to find solutions So that people in the yacht business And various sectors have been working and earning income.Therefore, it is a discussion in the circle, with Godam and Thanaphat in the name of FLOWLOW, Depa, POMO, if you can’t think of a lost child watch and AIS to design a digital yacht. Quarantine When the project is completed, the government has conducted experiments in October – December. 63 It appears that there are about 27 tourists detained on the yachts, already generating 500-600 million baht in income to the country.

For making Digital Yacht Quarantine, it will start as follows.

When tourists join in by boat Thai Yacht Business Association Will be a coordinating agent with the medical department to conduct the first disease examination Tourists will then be required to wear a smart wristband or NB-IoT Wristband Tourist Tracking, which will send individual tourist health figures throughout 14 days of detention to the Dash Board at Ao Por Pier.

By this smart wristband Developed by a Thai company that is POMO to monitor tourist health information. Body temperature, heart rate, pulse signal, as well as the tourist’s coordinates All information is stored on the FLOWLOW platform.

After 14 days of quarantine, all data will be analyzed again that Travelers at risk of COVID-19 How much To build confidence before allowing tourists to travel to the coast of Phuket

At this point, many people are wondering what kind of signal must be used to transmit data, which AIS has chosen Narrow Band IoT that supports connection to IoT devices on 900 MHz waves that can spread the signal out to the sea more than 10. Kilometers that come with Cloud to store information there.

Huge income circulating in the Phuket economy.

Many people may wonder if the money of tourists detained on the yacht will actually reach the villagers, the market place, or which Tanjuta Singmanee, Managing Director of Asia Pacific Super Yacht Co., Ltd., representative of the Thai Yacht Business Association, or TYBA, answers us. Did you know? Just sending food to tourists on one yacht is about 8 hundred thousand baht, then Quarantine 1 time, food delivery can be done up to 3 rounds, totaling 24 million baht, this is not included with other orders. Other than this And excluding various expenses That this group of tourists have to pay such as Mooring rental Various fees, etc.

“Most of the yachts are already 4-8 tourists, but the size of the boat. During the first three months of the trial, 27 ships entered Quarantine. About 144 tourists went to the islands. More than 500-600 million baht in circulation in the system, food and items delivered by us, yachts. We will support local people in Phuket. Whether shrimp, shellfish, crab, fish, vegetables, flowers and beverages. “

If these tourists are detained for 14 days, they will travel to Phuket. This group of tourists is high-end, with high purchasing power, and the value of each expenditure is quite large. More importantly, not only tourism. But also in the maintenance of the yacht Causing the employment of workers in this group again Importantly, the communities surrounding the port Including in various parts Began to open up more and more shops because labor began to earn income And have purchasing power

If asked if they were kept on a yacht for up to 14 days, would they be bored? I must say that you are not bored. Because there are all utilities So is entertainment. Importantly, they have sailed many countries. And got used to being on a boat

Conclude if Sretthini Sriracha Going to live like this will be bored or will answer immediately and will definitely not be bored. Because the activities that you want to do are quite packed Above all, there is no need to work, such as sunbathing, reading your favorite book. Or will jump into the sea Backstrap, tease with herds of fish Or will you still be able to sleep and watch the marathon series … is it enviable? Give it a use case that combines IoT and Smart City perfectly.

Thanaphong Itthisakulchai, Chief Executive Officer of Corporate Customers, Advanced Info Service Public Company Limited or AIS told “Sretini Sriracha” that after talking with entrepreneurs in Phuket and depa that Will bring new technologies How to answer the question of Quarantine, which we have a team in the area to look at the signal. And readiness in various matters

“Actually, this concept is just like a normal IOT and it’s not new, but the point is, what do you use these signals and data to do? We are confident that this project is a good use case and is the application of technology to make the most of. “

In addition, we have invested in signals. And all systems that need to be ready for real-time transmission of data are monitored. Which we expect that after this project For example, if in the future there will be tourists coming through drones, planes, driving down to yachts to detain agents at hotel detention.

“When the Digital Yacht Quarantine project was completed, there are now many Our partners have contacted us as well. Which is now in the discussion phase But believe that he should have seen many more Projects keep coming out. “

Many people like to ask how the Smart City is. Thanaphong explains that it is digital use in every area. Sectors of the people’s livelihood such as safety, energy and agriculture, which in terms of technology of Thailand are very ready

But what still needs to be developed is Providing knowledge and understanding to entrepreneurs or startups to invent new use cases, which now AIS has built a platform to support various startups to bring use cases to test and use them on the AIS platform.

In this era, entrepreneurs have to think of business problems. If you have a problem We have technology to And we are ready to support For example We put a 4K camera around the neck of the security guards. Which can take pictures around The security guard can be 360 ​​degrees and simulate the image to monitor the safety. Where this technology is on 5G

In addition, VDO Analytics can notify you that a car has hit or has a black bag placed in that area for about 30 minutes and has not gone anywhere. Wondering if it’s a bomb? We can also use VDO Analytics to count the number of people scanning people.

Thanaphong concluded that Digital Transformation really It’s not too far away, now many organizations are doing this, such as bringing 5G in areas such as the Bosch plant that runs the smart factory. Use a robot to run the delivery in the factory itself

Before waving goodbye to Phuket, Godam said that from now on, Phuket will change and not be the same. In addition to welcoming high-end tourists Operators still focus on the environment, safety and will see the use of technology to benefit from this.

Author: Sretthini Sriracha kamonthip.h@thairathonline.co.th

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