Sustainability of the FA Entrepreneur Career

Sustainability of the FA Entrepreneur Career

with the opportunity to own a supermarket "cash" products

reputed to be cash anyone want especially being used to solve
problems at the most necessary time.

If today you have the opportunity to own a discount cash supermarket. Allowing customers to choose short-term / long-term installments. Are you interested?

This cash is generated by one person’s purpose. and will be delivered to any person at any time whether that event happened sooner or later want or not

This cash is never lost. They only change hands and change their address according to their goals and time.

This cash is born out of love and care, so it can be measured in both physical value. And the sentimental value to both the giver and the recipient of this cash will act as a superhero, helping us immediately in the most critical, most needed and most needed times. in events that cannot be known in advance at the time to be in place Where in normal times no one wishes to go is… the hospital. rehabilitation facility

This cash has become a medium that must be managed professionally to solve problems when it is needed most in every stage of life. Both in the early age, school age, working age, family-building-business-building age, retirement age, including managing to deliver assets to the heirs with fairness. before the expiration date


The Circle of Life (0-85 years) that everyone has to meet and
Wealth Management is a big deal that everyone has to deal with.

School age: (0-25 years) Education Plan
Children are the most precious gifts parents receive from heaven. precious gift Parents can give their children The future of education is a noble property that no one can steal from your child. But if on the way there was an unexpected event that happened to the parents. Your dreams are shattered as well. If today had a financial plan that could guarantee your child’s educational future Wouldn’t it be nice to start planning from the day of your child?
Forget about the world

Glorious age: starting work, building a family, building a status, building a business: (25-50 years old) Family Income Protection Plan or Economic Life Value Protection Plan

***** Income – Savings = Expenses *****
The first financial discipline that is the most difficult but the most necessary is to save before spending so that there is money left to be saved so that it can be managed to achieve each financial goal.

At this age, there are burdens, expenses, debts. Many people focus on making money and investing. Few pay attention to financial caulk. which is absolutely necessary to plan and manage at the same time


*****Due to income derived from ability + time *****

>>> Factors that affect ability are sickness, accident, serious disease, disability.
>>> The following problem is The money leaked into the cost of treatment and rehabilitation. The income that used to be reduced has disappeared. while the original burden remains
>>> The factor that affects the expiration of time is death.
>>> The following problem is Leaving with the family taking away the income generated from future abilities away from corporate
Using small sums to transfer risks and caulk financial to create guaranteed financial stability Therefore, it is important and necessary to start planning from day one when starting work and starting to build a business.


Happy retirement age (50-60 years old): Retirement Plan

The structure of Thai society and the world that is an aging society or a society of longevity Funding costs need to be increased. Caused by factors…

  1. Longer period after retirement
  2. Medical technology and inflation from healthcare costs make healthcare more expensive.
  3. Inflation from rising cost of living
  4. Housing expenses for the convenience of retirees
  5. Low returns from financial institutions Volatile return on investment and the withdrawal of deposit protection to only 1 million per bank on August 11, 2021
  6. Travel expenses and create peace of mind
  7. The cost of hiring someone to take care of them so they don’t burden others.
The best time for retirement planning is to start planning from the first day you start working, starting from 10%-20% of your monthly income (Saving Ratio) and choosing a financial tool with an effective management system. Create an opportunity to receive a return on investment and protection at the same time. There is a team of professional life insurance and investment advisors who are internationally acclaimed. to achieve financial goals which is very important and necessary

Resting Age (60-85 years old): Legacy Plan

Management of planning expenses on land and building tax that increases every 3 years according to the Treasury Department’s appraisal that the appraised price and the market price are the same price. Effective from 1 Jan. 2022 onwards. Inheritance tax in effect from 1 Feb. 2016.

 Management of the delivery of assets to the heirs with fairness reduce the court process Reduce family conflicts to create convenience peace of mind It is therefore extremely important

Planning to manage the treatment and increase the wealth of property and cash accumulated from generation to generation.

It is imperative to plan while alive to prevent conflicts. With the most suitable financial tools, safe, free from sequestration and free from inheritance tax.

Therefore, it can be said that the FA Entrepreneur career is extremely sustainable. Because it is a career that plays a role in financial planning that creates a positive impact. Help solve problems for people in society at every stage of life because we sell “discounted cash” that one day becomes “value-added cash” that is the necessity of everyone. We help manage and provide advice on Wealth Management for people in society. Holistic including Wealth Creation >>> Wealth Protection >>> Wealth Accumulation >>> Wealth Distribution to create happiness. sustainable wealth for the people

Nareerat IFA
22 Oct. 2021