Quick check! What kind of chest pain?

Heart disease or acid reflux
Chest pain and tightness in the chest can be an early sign of many serious diseases. Many times there are cases where patients are still confused and misunderstood. The symptoms are thought to be symptoms of GERD. But in reality, it is caused by ischemic heart disease or heart disease, which may prevent timely treatment from being received. Today, AIA Vitality would like to recommend a method for observing unusual symptoms to determine what type of chest pain is at risk of causing disease. heart and should immediately see a doctor
Symptoms of heart disease
🚨 Tight pain in the middle of the chest, as if something was pressing on it.
🚨 Pain radiating to the left shoulder, neck, jaw, shoulder blade, left arm.
🚨 Heart palpitations, shortness of breath, panting, sweating, cold hands and feet
🚨 Chest pain that worsens with exertion or walking.
🚨 Dizziness, nausea, vomiting
Symptoms of GERD
🚨 Chest pain when breathing deeply
🚨 Feeling a burning sensation in the middle of the chest, under the epigastrium, and up into the throat.
🚨 Frequent belching, frequent coughing, nausea, bitter taste in the throat and mouth.
🚨 Symptoms are worse after eating or lay down

For anyone who has chest pain but isn’t sure it’s caused by heart disease. or gastrointestinal disease Do not hesitate to see a doctor immediately. For timely examination, treatment and diagnosis of serious diseases. As for the way to help prevent the risk and help detect abnormalities that may be signs of heart disease early on, it is to have regular ECG tests. At least once a year for AIA Vitality members aged 40 years and over, when an ECG or EKG has been checked, evidence of the examination can be presented to receive 1,000 AIA Vitality points/year. member You can also use the AIA+ application.

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