No worries about medical expenses when sick.

Let AIA lighten the burden of expenses that will occur.
If you are looking for health insurance to ease the burden of medical expenses that will occur when sick. or increase more coverage from existing social security or group insurance But still wondering about the terms and details of AIA health insurance, we have gathered some interesting information for you in this article.
Can I buy health insurance without buying life insurance?
AIA health insurance is an additional contract. The insured must first purchase life insurance as a main contract, such as lifetime or term life insurance. Savings life insurance Unit-linked life insurance or annuity life insurance as collateral for life protection first therefore can purchase additional contracts as health insurance attached to the main life insurance
What is the waiting period?
period not covered or waiting period Is the period from the effective date of coverage under the supplementary contract or the date the company approves to increase the benefits of additional contracts that the insured will still be unable to claim compensation (only in case of illness) but if it is an injury from an accident Claims can be made immediately from the effective date of the supplementary contract) in order to prevent the disbursement of those who are ill before taking the insurance. In general, the waiting period of health insurance is between 30 – 120 days, depending on the disease and conditions specified in the policy.
Do health insurance premiums adjust with age?
Health insurance premiums will be adjusted according to age, every 1 year or 5 years, depending on the insurance type selected. In addition, premiums may be adjusted from other factors such as higher medical expenses. or from the experience of paying compensation, etc.
Where are AIA’s partner hospitals?
AIA has more than 300 network hospitals across the country. to facilitate access to treatment for you You can check the list of AIA’s partner hospitals at…/hel…/claim-services/ipd-cashless
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