Mental diseases, recognized quickly, can be treated

Nowadays, people face stress and anxiety from many aspects. Be it work, society, family, and life. These are all stories that are in people’s daily lives and cannot be avoided. Over time, the stress from these things will accumulate and affect your mental state. Makes us weaker without realizing it In the end, it may become “Depression” has finally come to pass. Let’s try to observe ourselves a bit to see if our mental state is strong or not. To know the identifying factors that may cause risk and restore the mind. Live a happy life

Warning signs of depression⚠️
➡️ Insomnia or sleeping too much
➡️ Eating an abnormally large amount or unable to eat properly.
➡️ Emotions plummet, sadness, sometimes unable to find the cause of suffering. and may be more severe and longer than normal
➡️ Feeling bored with everything until it’s abnormal. Feeling sluggish Or maybe thinking about death
➡️ Lack of concentration, unable to focus on one thing for a long time.

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