Is it really difficult for GEN Y to join in?

เด็ก GEN-Y

Is it really difficult for GEN Y to join in?

This era can be considered as an era in which companies in many ways have to adapt to young job applicants who have joined a large number of organizations. We can call people in this generation that Generation Y, a generation that is quite different from Gen X or Baby boomer.

So what does Gen Y look like? Gen Y people are people born in an era that is up to date with the analog world. This group of people used the cassette tape. Used video And growing with the rapid development of the digital world In which this group of people will have the ability to learn Use of technology They also tend to have personality traits that like to think outside the box, express themselves, dare to ask, love in balance. Especially in work, Gen Y people love Work Life Balance and love work balance. And personal life Therefore, it is not strange to meet GenY workers who work equally hard and spend their restful lives. Including a passion for challenging jobs Always pay attention to themselves And family rather than organization Therefore, it is no surprise that other Gen people tend to look at GenY people. That I don’t have patience And often wants to work at home Or need a working environment that is not too strict

Is it difficult to work with Gen Y? The answer is not a problem. For working with this Gen, because of this Gen to have a high identity. Have their own ideas And like flexibility As mentioned above, this Gen also has a high responsibility. If there is a work area that encourages you to work comfortably Or in some lines of work That may not be required to wear uniform No need to enter the office Or even just going to the office for 3-4 days a week will help you work seamlessly with Gen Y people and GenY people will be ready to focus on your work. But on the other hand, if forced into unnecessary frames. It might turn off creativity And result in power out of work Leading to resignation in the end

In short, Gen Y people are ready to work fully for the organization. If you get comfort Like a comfortable space to work Flexibility in work and Work Life Balance is more than mandatory. Or high salary But didn’t have time to rest Or a space for Gen Y
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