Giving away techniques to conquer platinum status, anyone can do it.

Of course, when joining the AIA project Vitality now Goals of AIA members Everyone Vitality is about accumulating points to advance to Gold or Platinum status. In order to receive benefits and discounts on insurance premiums Including increased insurance rebates in the renewal year (according to status) for insurance plans participating in the project. Importantly, the higher the status, Other benefits from various partners are also increasing.
Then we will collect AIA points. How to get more Vitality Status?
When joining the project for the first time All members will have 0 AIA Vitality Points and Bronze Status. Members can collect additional points from healthy activities as specified by the project, such as exercising, eating healthy food, getting health checks, and many others. Details and conditions for collecting points will be sent with your insurance policy information in the member handbook. But if anyone is lazy to tear down paper documents You can save the activity table to collect points below. Then start taking care of your health and collecting AIA points. Vitality now!
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