Farmers are afraid that the government will be delayed and may affect the investment sector.

Mr. Kobsit Silpachai, Economic and Capital Market Research Executive Kasikorn Bank Public Company Limited revealed that at the seminar “adjust strategies to cope with fluctuating financial market perspectives” that the direction of foreign investment flows into Thailand It will be clear in the fourth quarter of this year because it is believed that in the short term foreign investors may not dare to invest much. Because they have to wait and see the direction of interest rate adjustments by the US Federal Reserve (Fed) before it is said that the Fed will slow down the rate hike in June and there will be a clear trend towards interest rates during the July meeting. 2023 whether to adjust up or down Including in the second and third quarters of this year, it is also the low season for the tourism sector.
As for the policy interest rate, it is believed that the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) will raise the policy rate at 2% within this year as there may still be undisclosed costs and cause inflation to remain higher than the official rate. want to see In addition, labor costs may increase if the minimum wage is adjusted. which may result in higher inflation as well The overall picture of the Thai economy, or GDP this year, will continue to grow at a level of 3.7%, driven mainly by the tourism sector. After expecting that this year there will be approximately 28.5-30 million tourists.
Kobsid said that The establishment of the government may be delayed or subject to change. It is expected that it may affect the public investment sector. Because normally, each year, the average government investment is at 460,000 million baht. In the past, during the coup, government investment was reduced from 3.87 million baht to around 293,000 million baht due to the cancellation of government projects. before it was unnecessary and a high burden to the government But this year, it is expected that the budget will not change much. Because until the new government is established, it will take time until August-September 2023.
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