Compare the price and performance Covid 19 vaccine

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Compare the price and performance Covid 19 vaccine

From 4 major companies Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca and Sinovac.

While some countries have begun vaccinating their citizens of “Pfizer” or “Moderna” COVID-19. For Thailand It is certain that at least two companies will receive the COVID vaccine: Britain’s AstraZeneca, which the government bought 26 million doses of the rights to domestic production and the latest “Sinovac” from the United Kingdom. China, 2 million doses

For the sinovac vaccine Thailand will gradually import 3 rounds, divided into the first lot at the end of February 200,000 doses, two lots at the end of March, 800,000 doses and at the end of April, another 1 million doses.

Looking at the overview of the vaccines of the four companies, it seems that AstraZeneca and Sinovac vaccines are purchased by Thailand. It has the advantage of easier storage with a typical refrigerator temperature of 2-8 ° C and a lower price than Pfizer and Moderna vaccines.

However, what may be the disadvantage of the two vaccines is their effectiveness against COVID-19. AstraZeneca was between 62-90% effective and Sinovac was between 50.4-91.25% compared to 95% of Pfizer and 94.5% of Modena.

The World Health Organization (WHO) sets a standard for the vaccine against COVID-19 that the vaccine must be at least 50% effective.

The government revealed that Thais, especially at risk Will be vaccinated as soon as possible by the middle of this year
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