Commercial bank to reserve cash during New Year

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Commercial bank to reserve cash during New Year

Commercial bank to reserve cash to support NACC for financial transactions during the New Year season
News Agency InfoQuest (25 Dec 20)

Bank of Ayudhya (BAY) informed that the bank has prepared a cash reserve of 15,240 million baht to support the withdrawal of customers and the general public through Krungsri ATMs and branches of the Bank nationwide. During the New Year’s Eve festival to welcome the New Year Between December 28, 2020 – January 3, 2021, which can be divided into cash reserves for services via Krungsri ATM machines amounting to 11,052 million baht and at branches of the Bank of 4,188 million baht.

At present (as of Nov.2020), the Bank has 632 branches and 6,121 Krungsri ATMs nationwide.
The Siam Commercial Bank (SCB) informed that the bank reserves banknotes during the New Year 2021 in order to support the customer service of 63 billion baht, the same as the previous year. This is because people are spending more on spending than when the COVID-19 epidemic. Together with the government’s economic stimulus continuously And most people still focus on domestic tourism during the New Year, divided into ATMs of 45 billion baht and branches of 18,000 million baht.

At present (as of Nov.2020), the Bank has 860 branches and 11,926 ATMs.
Meanwhile, Kasikorn Bank (KBANK) informs that it prepares cash reserves for service in branches and ATMs. To support spending during the long holidays in the New Year season 28 December 2020 – 1 January 2021 totaling 36,800 million baht, which is divided into cash reserves through branches of 10,500 million baht as reserves for branches in Bangkok. The amount of 4,500 million baht and branches in the regional area of ​​6,000 million baht. Currently, there are 860 Kasikornbank branches nationwide.
To reserve cash for more than 8,200 ATMs (K-ATMs) nationwide. The total amount is 26.3 billion baht, divided into reserves to contain 14 billion baht of ATMs in Bangkok and 12,300 million baht in regional ATMs.

Bangkok Bank (BBL) informed that during the New Year holidays between December 31, 2020 – January 3, 2021, the Bank has reserved cash for services to customers in addition to normal conditions, totaling approximately 50,000 million baht through the channel. The ATM service has almost 10,000 points nationwide. Along with the bank’s electronic services, which are ready to facilitate and enable continuous transactions such as Bualuang ATMs (ATMs), Bualuang Automated Cash Deposit Machines (CDM), Bualuang iBank services. (Bualuang iBanking) and mobile banking service From Bangkok Bank (Bangkok Bank Mobile Banking), Bualuang Phone service at 1333 or 0-2645-5555, as well as services for receiving products and services via QR Code system (QR Code), etc.

For the holiday period, customers can use Bangkok Bank’s financial services at more than 300 micro branches in department stores and community locations nationwide. Except for the branches in the highest control areas in accordance with the announcement of the COVID-19 Situation Management Center (CRD) which is still open for regular service Under sanitary standards to prevent and control the spread of COVID-19 Of the Ministry of Public Health strictly, all branches throughout the country will be open normally from January 4, 2021 onwards

In addition, the bank is also specially prepared to handle and increase the frequency of cash arrangements at ATMs located in tourist spots nationwide. After the meeting of BC. There is a resolution approving the determination of the control area divided according to the situation. Without a resolution to lock down the country Therefore, the Bank’s customers can be assured that they will be able to withdraw cash thoroughly and sufficiently for spending during the holiday season. As well as ensuring the smooth operation of the transaction
By Wilawan Pongpitak / Sasitorn Simaporn


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