Check your level of financial knowledge

“Mr. Pharuay” believes that there must be many people who want to start planning their finances. want to start investing But still haven’t done it yet. Because it’s stuck in the “don’t know” where and how to start.

People who are facing this kind of problem I would like to invite you to try to find answers with SETFin Quizz, a quiz to measure the level of financial knowledge – investment of “The Stock Exchange of Thailand”.

SETFin Quizz is a website that has a system for exams and assesses the level of financial knowledge of Thai people. To help check the level of financial knowledge of the test takers, which is divided into 3 levels, starting from the beginner level, learning and knowledgeable.

The test is divided into 3 sections, namely, the first test, Know your Money, to check to know about the surrounding finances. will help check your financial knowledge around you measure the level of knowledge in various subjects whether it is income management, expenditure management, debt management, savings management, investment management and risk management of life and property

The second test, Ready to Invest, check to be ready before investing. For people who are starting to study and have questions that they want to check ready. before investing in stocks To help open the door to “investment” consists of content that measures the level of knowledge about investing in securities, including rates of return and risk, investment risk diversification, basic knowledge about investment securities, types of asset groups. appropriate investment and asset allocation and creating investment experience

And the third test, Fit to Invest, check well. How to choose stocks. help measure the level of knowledge About stock selection, including fundamentals in stock and economic analysis, industry analysis guidelines, company analysis guidelines, stock screening and valuation and fundamentals of technical analysis

Each test takes no more than 15 minutes to complete, and after the test is completed, there will be advice on knowledge. and learning resources for further study and knowledge The results of the test will be used as a guideline for developing knowledge and promoting good financial behaviors of Thai people in general.

“Mr. Pharuay” invites readers to change “ignorance” into the power of learning. You can go in and take a level test to assess yourself at
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