Banks carry 2 trillion risky debts.

Banks carry 2 trillion risky debts.

Dr. Narongchai Akkaraseranee sees Thai GDP in 2022 to return to growth of around 4%, but there are still 3 risk factors from foreign countries pressuring. Both interest rates are in an uptrend. Production costs increase in line with oil prices and transportation costs. While demand is still sluggish As for solving the problem of expensive oil, I think that the oil fund should take care of it. disagree with tax cuts because it does not correspond to the principles of excise tax

Dr. Narongchai Akkraseranee, Former Minister of Energy It is estimated that the Thai economy in 2022 will recover from this year. But the growth is probably not much. I think it shouldn’t be more than 4% because there are still pressure factors from abroad, namely 1. The trend of global interest rates is in an uptrend. affect the cost of the business sector 2. Production costs will increase according to energy prices. Due to the current fossil energy, oil, natural gas and coal, tends to decrease. Because the world has turned to focus more on renewable energy. But in practice, fossil energy is still in high demand. At the same time, the COVID-19 outbreak affect transportation There was a shortage of containers. As a result, the cost of transportation of goods has increased accordingly.

and 3. Restrictions on the demand side or reduced demand. Because after the outbreak of COVID, people have more debt. and even if we have opened the country Tourists probably won’t come back to bustling immediately. Recovery will be gradual. Because this round of the covid crisis has a huge impact on purchasing power.

The way to stimulate the economy Remedial assistance to the people of the government I see that many measures are good projects. Distributing money for immediate remedial assistance is also a necessity. But the policy of creating jobs to build a career is rarely seen. Although many policies But it hasn’t actually happened yet. Due to regulations and regulations on the use of money from the Royal Decree, the loan is quite difficult. Personally, I still don’t agree much to borrow more money. If the rules and regulations for the use of money have not been resolved

while demands from the private sector to reduce the excise tax on oil To cause the price of oil in the country to decline, Dr. Narongchai said that he personally did not agree with such a method. Due to the view that the tax reduction

inconsistent with the principles of excise tax Because the main purpose of collecting oil excise taxes because they don’t want people to use too much oil because it will affect the income of the country Because most of the oil must be imported from abroad.

He thinks that the best way to maintain energy prices is to use oil funds to stabilize energy prices in the country. For example, during this period the price of oil has increased. Bring money from the fund to support If the money is not enough, you can borrow more. because the fund is already established in the form of a juristic person and in the future when the price of oil fell return to collect money into the fund Part of it was used to pay off the borrowed debt. The rest was collected.

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