Bank of Thailand estimates GDP for 2024

There is a risk of growth lower than 4.4% if digital wallet funds are lower than 560 billion.

Bank of Thailand GDP forecast for 2024 is at risk of growing below 4.4% if economic stimulus money passes. ‘Digital wallet’ is lower than the original forecast of 560 billion.

‘Settaput Suthivathanarueput’, Governor of the Bank of Thailand (BoT), revealed that the Bank of Thailand forecasts economic growth (GDP) in 2024 to be at 4.4%, a figure that includes money from measures to distribute digital money. Digital Wallet worth 560 billion baht already

However, if the money for such measures is reduced from the original as is the news, the GDP figure for next year will have to be adjusted down. We still have to wait and follow for clarity and details again.

When asked about political resistance, the governor viewed that structurally The BoT is independent of politics, influence and ideas. Not only outside directors are independent. but also insiders as well.

on the same day The Bank of Thailand reveals environmental factors affecting the stability of the Thai financial system. whether capital flows out Fluctuating currency and the difference in the rate of return (Credit Spread) increased

Overall, the Thai financial system remains stable. But I still can’t be complacent. For example, credit rating agencies point out the risks in Thailand. which mainly comes from ‘Finance’

In this regard, the National Bank needs to adjust the mode according to the situation (Resiliency) in order to make the Thai economy more resilient. ‘Resilience’ through 3 criteria as follows

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