3 techniques to change you into a new person

Create a habit of exercising to create income.
in the past We have always believed that creating new behavior or improving behavior is It depends mainly on our determination and determination. Especially creating the habit of exercising regularly. But recent research has found that Creating new behaviors can be more complicated than we realize. because of the time of day surrounding environment or even whether you slept well the night before. All affect our determination to adjust our behavior.
3 techniques to change you into a new person Create a habit of exercising.
  1. Create a Routine Getting started is the hardest part of behavior change. It’s important to create a routine that motivates you to get up and exercise. For example, try playing your favorite music every time before exercising. To send a signal to the brain that I’m getting ready to get into my exercise routine.


    Collection of things you love Try tying exercise with things you enjoy doing. To increase enjoyment, such as watching your favorite series while running on the track or exercising while playing with dogs and cats.


    Compensation for not exercising as planned Life always has something going wrong. Therefore, we should have plan 2, plan 3, to compensate in advance. To cope with times when life is chaotic, such as setting a decision in advance that “If today you can’t go for a walk or exercise. I will exercise in an online class at home instead.” Having a backup plan like this will help us achieve the goals we set.

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