3 challenges to conquer life for peace of mind

for retirees
For those who are starting to retire or are already in retirement I’ve been through a lot until the end of my life. The most important thing is inevitable about “Peace of mind”, the problem of life for retirees, therefore consists of 3 important things:
  1. Having enough money after retirement, how good would it be if we could live with financial freedom? Don’t worry about expenses when income is reduced. Want to make sure you have enough money after retirement? must try to calculate all the retirement money that must be Let’s calculate from the cost per month x 12 months x 25 years.
    For example, if after retirement you expect to have expenses per month of about 30,000 baht, you should have about 30,000 x 12 x 25 = 9,000,000 baht for retirement.
    by having to know how to use the existing savings go to manage it to get a profit that grows In order not to lose inflation, for example, plan investments through mutual funds that are moderately risky. Or divide some of the money into life insurance that focuses on saving money. In order to have some safe retirement money to use in the future
    For those who are retired But there is not enough savings as calculated It is another question that we have to think about how to adjust our lives, for example, whether or not some expenditures can be reduced. or can earn additional income from existing knowledge and experience from other sources
  2. Sick and not troubled by the cost of treatment
    The bodies tend to fade away with age. But our hearts don’t have to wither. If we are prepared to plan health insurance that provides long-term protection, peace of mind, not a burden to the children. In addition, we should explore existing medical rights such as from social security. Health insurance rights for the whole face (gold card) or government medical treatment rights to support the cost of treatment in various cases that the emergency reserve may not be enough
  3. Seeing grandchildren harmoniously together
    If we want to see our children harmoniously together should have a plan to manage property management according to our intent By making a will Or we can use life insurance as a tool to pass on wealth wisely.
Planning to pass on wealth with life insurance therefore has many advantages such as

✅Give benefits to the people behind with a certain sum insured. which is different from other forms of investment
✅Rest assured that our loved ones will receive the benefits according to our needs on the day we are gone.
✅Receive insurance money quickly without having to go through the court process
✅Reduce conflicts between family members.
✅No worries about inheritance tax. Because money from life insurance delivered to heirs is considered one of the income that is exempt from tax.
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